Lydia’s Hands

Welcome to Lydia’s Hands.

This is the website of Rev. Dr. Paula Sanders -feminist and liberation theologian, artist, educator, lover of God’s good creation and Nana to seven exceptional grandchildren.

At some point this website will be split into separate sites but for now, it will serve three purposes:

  • Most exciting, as an information hub for my new endeavor – The Also-And Disciples Project. The focus of this collective art/research project is the scriptures about women in the Bible as examples of strength and resourcefulness.  Possible outcomes, such as curriculum and works of art, will interpret the importance of these women in Jesus’ ministry and their relevance to women of today.
  • As a platform for promoting my liturgical textile art business. I design and make unique clergy stoles which are sold on Etsy.
  • As a place where those considering inviting me to preach or teach can learn more about me. Blog entries containing sermons and articles I have written will occasionally be posted and are archived.

Please look around, subscribe to my blog (you will be lucky to receive a post every three months), follow the links to my Etsy site, and join The Also-And Disciples Project Facebook Group. We hope YOU will be a part of this collective women’s effort.  I am anxious to hear what you think, so please leave comments.



Spiritually Empowering Liturgical Art