Musings of a Liturgical Textile Artist – Why is God so Good to Me?

I am writing this blog as my wonderful movers, Larry and Tim from Kaba Moving Services, are bringing all my stuff in the front door.  After all my anxiety, they are doing a terrific job, hustling mountains of boxes of sewing supplies out of storage unit and apartment, and into my new duplex.  After almost seven years of sharing space with others, I am finally HOME ALONE again.  I am trying to figure out, why is God so good to me?

My new home has a dream sewing area/sunroom built onto the side of it, right off the kitchen.  This little studio space has a HUGE north facing window and three other windows to bring in the light, light, light.  It is already painted calm, sage green.  It came with a built in sewing surface, shelves, and even a mini-desk for the dollies (granddaughters) who spend the day with Nana.  Why is God so good to me?

In my second bedroom (office), I will have plenty of room to organize my huge stash.  In my spacious living room, I will finally be able to categorize my many, many books.  The very best part is that my landlord is a friend I have known for thirty years.  I am doubly blessed to be settled with my DMin thesis proposal due on March 1!

Why is God so good to me?  Not because of anything I have done, that’s for sure.  It’s because that’s who God is and that’s what grace is.  A related word in Hebrew is hesed, one of my favorite words.  Hesed means abundant, lavish, over the top, overflowing love.  The only being who has ever loved me like that is God.  Right here in my new home, and in Larry and Tim, is just another demonstration of God’s love.  All that’s left to say to that is THANK YOU, LORD!

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Sewing room  Awesome sewing room!

Purple Lenten Clergy Stole
Purple Lenten Clergy Stole