Also-And Disciples Project

The Also-And Disciples Project

Project Description

The Also-And Disciples Project is a collective art and education project centered around the experience of women who were undoubtedly present at the end of Jesus’ ministry, why they have been so regularly excluded and what that means for believers, both male and female in the 21st century.

The Also-And Disciples Project will produce art, articles, teaching curriculum, and online learning tools to assist Christian educators, pastors, parents, theologians and knowledge seekers in learning and teaching about the women who were friends of Jesus.

Rev. Dr. Paula J Sanders is the convener of this group. Learn more about her at About Paula Sanders. Women of all disciplines and abilities are sought to be part of this collective – artists, theologians, casserole makers, educators, prayer warriors, elders, girls, black, white, yellow, red, lesbian, trans, straight, wealthy, poor or middle income, and let us not forget women with a gift for fundraising.

All women from around the world (thanks to the internet) are welcome to contribute from their deep wells of experience of sitting at the Last Supper with Jesus.  How has being a follower of Jesus affected your life?

We speak boldly in claiming that this will be a project of major impact in drawing to the fore the importance of women in the New Testament.  To be informed of developments and calls to action, please join our Facebook group, The Also-And Disciples Project Group.

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