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Lydia's Hands Ministries

Lydia's Hands is the name I use for all of the different types of ministry God has set before me.  The story of the biblical Lydia can be found in Acts 16.  She is known as the dealer in purple cloth but she was much more than that.  Beginning with Lydia and her extended family, the apostle Paul founded the first Christian community in Europe.  Lydia was a woman of strength and purpose as I hope to be.  

Border Ministry

Over the past few years God has made me more and more aware of the humanitarian crisis taking place place at the southern border of the United States/Mexico.  In mid-September, I moved to the McAllen, TX area in the Rio Grande Valley to volunteer in support of these asylum seekers.   Please see my Blog Page to learn more about what has been happening since my arrival in Texas and how you can help.

Preaching and Teaching

I love to preach and teach, especially on topics involving social justice and the empowerment of women and children.  Please see my Preaching and Teaching page to learn more about my areas of expertise and how to schedule me to present at your church or event.

Textile Art

I am an enthusiastic textile artist and was first ordained in 2006 as the leader of the Lydia Women's Empowerment Project in Minneapolis.  I am currently performing research on a book to be entitled "Women's Art as Social Protest."  I also create clergy stoles and sell them on Etsy as time allows to support my border ministries.  Learn more about my artistic side on the Textile Arts page.

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